Monday, August 2, 2010


So I've been working on my army, on and off, for the last week or so. Wanted to update this before I passed out for another wonderful day at the office.

I originally had the backpack straps black but with the Flesh Tearers being top-heavy with black as it is, the models were looking flat as hell. Sticking with my imagination's rendition of the Tearers, I went with brown leather straps. Figured it made sense as it's rustic and also added a nice accent to the red and black.

This is obviously still very much a W.I.P. I've only gone through initial highlights and have only added some wash on the red and black areas.

I actually just picked up some new washes and am looking forward to seeing how they look using combos of different hues. It's also gonna be nice to use a lighter wash tone on the paper hanging from the purity seal.. I only had the mud, red, and black for everything thus far...


  1. Looks awesome. Powerfists are the amazing go-to weapon choice for sergeants. Enemies can't target them directly, and you just get to destroy everything in melee.

  2. Thanks man!

    I'm looking forward to getting in some game-time. Still have a ton to do before then...

    Think I'm gonna take a break from power armor and do my scout squad next.. Death Company will be saved for last.... oh.. and I still have the tank...

    gah.. yeah I'm not looking at a game until like mid fall hahaha.