Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Just about finished with this guy. My first blue paint job and I'm pretty happy with the almost-final result. Still need to do the weapons and all the hard highlights on the edges.

Somebody who stumbled on my blog from an amazing one, asked if I would show how I did my camo cloak..

black primer for base coat.

Really rough crosshatching of whatever 2 colors you want. I dry brush it and don't mind if the paint goes on a bit heavier in spots and with rough edges.

I went into all the areas that would have the darkest shadow with the black wash.

Here, I went over the whole back with the mud wash. I was liberal with it in the areas I had already hit with the black wash.

I repeated the last two steps and had to stop for the night so this is where it is. I still need repeat the whole process to get to what this one is at though.

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