Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Just about finished with this guy. My first blue paint job and I'm pretty happy with the almost-final result. Still need to do the weapons and all the hard highlights on the edges.

Somebody who stumbled on my blog from an amazing one, asked if I would show how I did my camo cloak..

black primer for base coat.

Really rough crosshatching of whatever 2 colors you want. I dry brush it and don't mind if the paint goes on a bit heavier in spots and with rough edges.

I went into all the areas that would have the darkest shadow with the black wash.

Here, I went over the whole back with the mud wash. I was liberal with it in the areas I had already hit with the black wash.

I repeated the last two steps and had to stop for the night so this is where it is. I still need repeat the whole process to get to what this one is at though.

Friday, August 13, 2010

The sergeant seems to have come a long way. I haven't done the shadows of the grenade yet so that will bring the green down a bit. I also need to bring out the highlights on the lenses and work on the gun/arm... I don't have any group shots but I've been pretty decent about keeping with "production line" style so they're all looking like the second pic.

I found this gem on the bay!

I was really lucky that all the parts were intact as the seller thought it wasn't a bad idea to wrap a 10+ year old box (thin-ass paper stock mind you) in butcher paper... the box was literally crushed down to an inch on one side. I'm stoked though..the metal parts on it are gonna make it so hefty! I still need to get rolling on the razorback but when I saw this one I had to get my bid on. I've been cleaning the parts up but haven't started to assemble it at all. I'm gonna wait and see how the razback goes... I imagine painting a tank is going to take some getting used to and I don't want to mess this one up.

Storage Solution

So at 500 pts my "army" (I can't even call it that...) consists of just 16 models. As of right now I was keeping them on the lid of where I keep my paints and supplies.. That wasn't the best move because I'd be moving the box and some would fall over or even worst... they'd fall off the lid and onto the floor. Small ass magnetized arms and packs flying everywhere.. it sucked balls.

My buddy at the office hooked me up with these awesome foam pads he uses for packing and... THEY FIT PERFECTLY IN MY ORIGINAL PAINT BOX! (yeah.. i needed a bigger box to store my paint pretty quick)

Distractions incoming...

As of right now, I'm taking a break on the assault squad. I picked up the OOP Chaplain that came with the original Death Co so I'm gonna revisit them. I took the backpack from the SM Commander that came with the AoBR set and it looks really damn sick. He's leaning on his left and the banner falls perfectly with him. I have a better idea of how I'm gonna do my blacks so I figure I can work on him and possibly redo my death co. After looking at the pics again, I'm not really into how they're looking...

I'm also waiting for my Librarian to come in the mail. Yet another OOP model but this one's sick (IMO) because he's wearing a helmet! I'm debating how to paint him. I've never painted blue before but I'm not sure if I want him to look like an ultra marine. I almost want to paint him like a Dark Angel in dark green... I definitely need to look into why librarians are generally painted blue...

Monday, August 2, 2010


So I've been working on my army, on and off, for the last week or so. Wanted to update this before I passed out for another wonderful day at the office.

I originally had the backpack straps black but with the Flesh Tearers being top-heavy with black as it is, the models were looking flat as hell. Sticking with my imagination's rendition of the Tearers, I went with brown leather straps. Figured it made sense as it's rustic and also added a nice accent to the red and black.

This is obviously still very much a W.I.P. I've only gone through initial highlights and have only added some wash on the red and black areas.

I actually just picked up some new washes and am looking forward to seeing how they look using combos of different hues. It's also gonna be nice to use a lighter wash tone on the paper hanging from the purity seal.. I only had the mud, red, and black for everything thus far...