Friday, July 23, 2010


I haven't picked up a brush in like 3 days! I'm falling far behind on my army's completion. I did however get my Razorback started (building...not painting) and received some OOP (out of print) miniatures! A Blood Angels captain (with a very questionable blood drop dangly ear ring...) and a Blood Angels Chaplain to be exact. If that wasn't enough... I found an incredible deal on 15 Flesh Tearer shoulder pads... $6 bucks at a garage sale in Brooklyn... WHAT?! Craigslist is just chalk full of win...

I'm planning for a very relaxing evening with the boy and I would really like to get that Assault Marine completed. I'm not touching another model until it's done... yarite. The little man is actually pressuring the hell out of me to get the tank done. We'd been talking about it for a week so when he saw the box he yelled "WE GOT OUR TANK!!!"

I am so glad I had a boy... I gotta post pics of his first couple painted minis soon.

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