Saturday, July 17, 2010

Wait, wait....wait. Army Lists???

I figured it might be a good idea to have a small force to shoot for. I'm keeping it small and simple. 500 points seems within reach.


Chapter Master Gabriel Seth
160 pts


Sanguiniary Priest
50 pts


Death Company x 5
60 pts

Assault Squad x 5
100 pts
+5 pts for Melta Bombs

Scouts with Sniper Rifles x 5
75 pts
+15 pts for Camo Cloaks

Dedicated Transport

20 pts (since it will be moving the Assault Squad)

This would give me 15 pts to play with...

So my reasoning for these troop selections are pretty noob. The Death Co. is only 60 pts and (IMO) there just has to be one company in a Flesh Tearer list. They're neck deep in Black Rage over there... The assault squad is kinda pricey but having the super-sweet reduction to dedicated transports gives me a big gun and some mobile cover to utilize. The snipers were chosen because they're 75 pts, have good range and honestly... they're f'ing ninja! All jokes aside, I'm hoping they'll provide some cover fire while possibly keeping some targets pinned so my assault squad or death co can keep from chasing. I'm not sure how to equip my razorback yet... I have the points for the storm bolter upgrade but man... I want some flamage. I gotta do some more research on that... The priest at 50 pts is sick and will roll with my assult squad for the bonuses it provides. I'm thinking about sending in Seth with my Death Co. Maybe I'll drop the melta bombs and pick up a Rhino so I don't need to worry about the psycho's ragin' on the first thing they see... at the same time he would go off with the priest buffs...sadly he wouldn't fit in the Razorback... hmmm

If you're reading this and can provide some pointers... DOEET! Please remember that I have never played a full game let alone laid a list out so flames will be deleted... unless they're f'ing hilarious and relevant.

More to come.


  1. Either equip the Razorback with TL lascannons, or someone needs a Powerfist (preferrably the Assault sarg). You need some good anti-armor, even in a 500pt. Rest looks great, though ;)

  2. Indeed! I'm thinking the TL Las will help me because I get the range.. I won't be limiting myself to anti-armor only in assault as well...

    awesome. thanks so much for the input man! I can't friggin wait to play!